We envision a world where parents have access to treatments for severe and life-limiting genetic diseases that threaten their children’s lives.

We envision a world where all of our children have a chance to grow up to pursue their dreams, to live, to love, to thrive, and most importantly, to feel and be a part of everything beautiful that life, that the human experience, has to offer.


A world where families’ dreams are not halted or diverted by a genetic mutation, a premature stop codon, a substitution, a deletion, a splice site destruction, an addition, a gain of protein function, a loss of protein function, a single lethal change in the over 20,000 genes in the human body, a change that permanently alters destinies, and destroys lives.

We envision a world where we conquer genetic mutations, where we turn science fiction into smart science, where we make gene replacement therapy a reality, starting with mutations in gene ERCC8/CSA, which causes a severe, lethal, and devastating disorder called Cockayne Syndrome.


We have the tools to conquer genetic disease. This is the golden age of scientific discovery. Let's work to utilize scientific advancements and technologies to create therapies for Cockayne Syndrome (CSA mutations) together.


Riaan Research Initiative envisions a world where every child with a fatal genetic disease has a pathway toward treatment. We are dedicated to promoting and furthering translational scientific research to advance treatments for severe and life-limiting genetic disorders.



Riaan Research Initiative aims to help support and fund translational research into gene replacement therapy for genetic mutations in the ERCC8/CSA gene, which causes Cockayne Syndrome, a devastating and fatal neurodegenerative disease. To learn more about Cockayne Syndrome, click here.